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  • GStreamer is a very popular open-source multimedia framework that makes performing complicated operations much easier by hiding the complexities. Things like streaming from a camera, playing a .mp4 video or encoding video/audio.​
  • For an overview about GStreamer, see this page ⭐Learning/GStreamer
  • For example code and hints, see this page ⭐RZ-G/RZG_GStreamer


  • The Renesas graphics drivers and libraries support the standard interface OpenGL ES​
  • OpenGL ES support is important because it serves as a standard interface for many graphic software packages (Qt, Weston) allowing Renesas BSP to be used without custom modifications.​
  • OpenGL Programmers Guide
    • Chapter 1 has a detailed overview of OpenGL
  • glmark2 : glmark2 is an OpenGL 2.0 and ES 2.0 benchmark application


  • Weston is a graphic framework that allow applications a consistent and dependable interface regardless of the HW platform. This means when an individual application runs, its graphic will output to Weston, not the Linux kernel. Then, Weston takes care of the details of 3D graphics requests as well as managing all the multiple applications trying to share the same screen space. It also manages what application will get the input data like mouse or keyboard (ie, only the current active window will get the data).​
  • Weston works well with OpenGL ES (the API that the Renesas GPUs use), that is why we have selected Weston as the graphic framework that application should be written upon. Qt and GStreamer are examples of application software that have strong Weston support.​
  • Using the traditional method of writing directly to the LCD frame buffer member (/dev/fb0) is still supported, but in this case all 3D graphics must be manually performed using custom software created by customers themselves.
  • Here are some helpful hints regarding Weston for RZ/G: ⭐ RZ-G/RZG_weston