Ticket System

  • For customers located in United States, Canada and Europe, please submit technical questions using the official Renesas ticket system.
    • For all other regions, please contact your local Renesas Sales person directly.
  • The software for the ticket system is called Team Support

team support.png

Submitting a New Ticket

  • When creating a new ticket, please enter the product fields correctly. This will ensure the ticket is immediately assigned to the correct person.
  • From, please select SALES & SUPPORT

ticket system 1.png

  • Select Technical Support Contact Form

ticket system 2.png

  • Select Contact Support (Submit a Ticket)

ticket system 3.png

  • You will need to sign into your using your 'My Renesas' account

ticket system 4.png

  • Click SUBMIT A TICKET to create a new request
  • You can also view existing or old tickets you have submitted

ticket system 5.png

  • Please enter these fields correctly. If you select the wrong field, there will be a delay in the reply.

ticket system 6.png

  • Select Submit Ticket when finished

ticket system 7.png

Adding others to a Ticket

  • In the ticket system, there is not just 1 person that owns the ticket. The ticket is shared by every in the Contacts list. This means anyone can add/remove people or add comments.
  • Everyone in the Contacts list gets the notification emails for any changes.
  • When you reply to a ticket email, the email address you send to is and everyone currently on that ticket will get a copy of what you wrote.
  • There are 3 ways you can add new people to a ticket.

1. Add using the Web Interface

  • If you have a Renesas account, you can view the ticket in the web interface and you can add other people yourself by pressing the plus sign ( + ) next to Contacts


2. When replying to a ticket by email, CC other people

  • You can add a comment to the ticket by replying to the email notifications. If you CC other people in that email reply, the Renesas support person will see that you did that and they can manually add them for you.

3. Ask to add people in your message

  • When you create a ticket, or in any reply, simply ask for others to be added.

ticket system 8.png

View who else is on a Ticket

  • From the email notifications you receive, you cannot see who is on your ticket. However, if you view the ticket on, you can see who else is on the ticket in the Contacts section.
  • You can see all tickets that you were included on by logging into the website and navigating to the ticket system.

ticket system 9.png

Can’t Use Web Inquiry Service Message

  • If you just registered for a MyRenesas account for the first time, you might get this message below when you attempt to create or view tickets.

cant use web inquiry service.png

  • The reason for this is that your email address was added to a previous ticket before you had a MyRenesas account. In that case, a temporary account was created.
  • This has the effect of when you finally create a real MyRenesas account, the system by default disables access to the Ticket System.
  • The solution is to simply follow the instructions in the message and send an email and Renesas will fix the issue.
  • After the fix, you will then be able to view all the past tickets that you were added to as well as create new tickets.