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Besides debugging GR-MANGO with OpenOCD, connecting a Segger j-link is supported as well.

It's similar to the setup described for GR-PEACH Site.

Connect the 9-pin J-Link connector:

GR-Mango and J-Link connection

Modify the debug configuration as described for GR-PEACH, but with a different device name for GR-MANGO:

Target Device: R7S921058

e²studio debug configuration for GR-MANGO plus J-Link

MBED Windows USB Driver

Make sure you have installed latest driver from the mbed site here.

Plug the RZ GR board into the PC.

image 2021-08-20 145958.png
MBED USB Debug Port
MBED USB Debug connector

Open the Windows OS Device Manager. You should see the device here.

image 2021-08-20 145402.png