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The RZ/V Series has two version of the Image Signal Processor (ISP)

RZ/V2L Simple ISP Support Package

RZV/2M Full ISP Support Package

RZ/V2L Simple ISP (Memory)

The Simple ISP uses a working memory area for processing camera streams. This working memory area is defined in the device memory space define ISP Reserved memory area ( see Figure ). In the Application Layer uses the Video 4 Linux API (VIDIOC_REQBUFS, VIDIOC_QUERYBUF) to allocated memory. How much of this memory is used is defined by the camera device resolution, pixel color depth, and capture frame buffer count. The ISP revered memory space is defined in the RZV2L Linux Device Tree File ( r9a07g04512-smarc.dts ).

RZV2L BSP v1.0.1 Memory Map ( RZ/V2L Linux Package V1.0.1 Release Note )
BSP v1.01 file : r9a07g054l2-smarc.dts

isp_work0: SIMPLE_ISP {
	reg = <0x0 0xBD000000 0x0 0x03000000>;

RZV2L BSP v1.0.1 Memory Area

OV5645 Supported Resolutions
Width Height Pixel Depth Number Frames Total Memory Usage
640 480 2 6 3,686,400
1280 720 2 6 11,059,200
1920 1080 2 6 24,883,200
2592 1944 *1 2 6 60,466,146 *2

1 ) Maximum Resolution for OV5645. For AI inference please uses smaller resolution.

2 ) Due to the BSP v1.0.1 ISP resaved area size ( 48MB ) this resolution is not supported. The reserved memory needs to be increased.

RZ/V2L ISP Monitor Demo

RZ/V2L ISP Sample Camera Demo

This demo show how to implement the RZ/V2L Simple ISP with OV5645 Cameras. This expands on the RZ/V2L ISP Sample Application that is included with the RZ/V2L ISP Package with all the resolutions listed in the section above.