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VLP Diagram
  • The Renesas BSPs for MPUs are distributed as Yocto builds.
  • Renesas specific portions (boot loader, kernel, etc..) are store in github which is where the Yocto recipes pull from.
  • Additional Yocto patch files are included in the renesas.com download packages that you will not find on github.
  • Some libraries (graphics and video codecs) are proprietary can only be downloaded from renesas.com after registering.
  • For the structure of the BSPs, there are a common Yocto layers that are used to build most Renesas software for each MPU. However, additional 'optional' software components are distributed and downloaded as "Features". There is a meta-rz-features Yocto layer directory where individual Yocto recipes can be added to a build if needed.
  • The diagram on the above shows the common Yocto build in blue, and the optional Feature Packages that can be added. (Click for full size)

VLP support version overview.png
  • The Linux kernel is based off the Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) which is based off the official stable kernel trees.
  • The CIP project aims to backport bug fixes and security patches for 10 years.
  • The diagram on the right shows the timeline for the kernel versions used in the Renesas BSPs.


Linux Kernel 5.10 BSP

  • RZ/G2 Series: RZ/G2L, RZ/G2LC, RZ/G2UL, RZ/G2E, RZ/G2N, RZ/G2M, RZ/G2H
  • RZ/V2 Series: RZ/V2L
  • Verified Linux Package [5.10-CIP] Version 3.0.x
  • ⭐ Official RZ/G2 BSP Download Page
  • ⭐ Official RZ/V2 BSP Download Page
  • Please Download the individual components required for your MPU.
  • Please use the package versions listed table. You must match the correct component packages (Graphic, Codec) versions with the BSP version you are using.
. VLP v3.0.4 VLP v3.0.5-update3
📦 RZ/G2 Linux Package (Common for all MPU ▲ ▲ ▲ )
ZIP file containing Yocto BSP and all documentation
  • Yocto Recipe
    This is the actual BSP provided in a Yocto build package
  • Release Note for Linux Package
    Build instructions, start with this document
  • Reference Boards Linux Start-up Guide
    How to program the boot loaders into SPI flash
  • BSP Component list
    List of each package and version included in the default BSP build
(works, not official)

💾 Download Page
💾 Download Page

💾 Download Page
🎨 Graphics (PowerVR) and 🎦 Video Codec Libraries
  • For devices RZ/G2H, RZ/G2M, RZ/G2N, RZ/G2E
  • The "Evaluation Version" can be downloaded immediately, but has a 2 hour timeout after every board boot.
  • The "Unrestricted Version" request link is at the at the bottom of the download page (see Note1 below)
N/A 💾 Requires V1.0.2
🎨 Graphics (Mali) Libraries
  • For devices RZ/G2L, RZ/G2LC, RZ/V2L
  • The "Evaluation Version" can be downloaded immediately, but has a 2 hour timeout after every board boot.
  • The "Unrestricted Version" request link is at the at the bottom of the download page (see Note1 below)
(use V2L V1.1.0)

💾 Requires V1.1.0
💾 Requires V1.1.2

🎦 Video Codec Libraries
  • For devices RZ/G2L and RZ/V2L
(use V2L V1.1.0)

💾 Requires V1.1.0
💾 Requires V1.1.0

🌐 HTML5 Browser (Gecko/Firefox)
  • For devices RZ/G2L RZ/G2H, RZ/G2M, RZ/G2N, RZ/G2E
🗨️ V2.0.3 (Gecko102)
📄 BSP Manual Set
Detailed information about Device Drivers and Device Tree Settings
📄 RZ/G2H, RZ/G2M, RZ/G2N, and RZ/G2E (link)

📄 RZ/G2L,RZ/G2LC, RZ/G2UL, RZ/V2L (link)

  • Note1 - Unrestricted Versions: When requesting the "Unrestricted Version", additional information about your product might be required. Additionally, but please allow up to 2 weeks for the request to complete due to internal license processing. When you submit a request, you will instantly get an email confirmation, but you will not get another email until the request has been completed.

Linux Kernel 4.19 BSP

BSP Differences Between renesas.com Download and Github Version

Below are the differences between BSP you download from renesas.com and what is available on public repositories.

Public Repository Clones

  • The only directories created by Renesas are the meta-renesas (for Linux-5.10 BSP) meta-rzg2 (for Linux-4.19 BSP).
  • When you download the BSP from Renesas, there are multiple Yocto (meta-xxx) directories. However, these directories are direct clones (no modifications) from public repositories. The repository URLs and commit IDs that were used are documented in the README.md README.md file in the meta-renesas or meta-rzg2 directory in the BSP.

Non-public Patches

  • extra/

This directory is only in the package downloaded from renesas.com
It contains patches that are not included in the public the meta-renesas or meta-rzg2 repository on github. For example, the patches to enable HDMI on the boards were not posted to github because of potential license issues.

Example Layers (Linux 4.19 BSP only)

  • meta-hmi-custom/
  • meta-userboard/

These directories do not have any functionally. They are simple example templates you can use to make your own customer layers. They are only included in the renesas.com package.

Video and Multi-media Drivers (Linux 4.19 BSP only)

  • proprietary/

This directory is only in the package downloaded from renesas.com
This directory contains .zip files which are essentially the propriety closed source video and multimedia drivers. They used to be downloaded separately, but are now included when downloaded the BSP from renesas.com. When following the instructions in the "Renesas Note" that comes with the BSP, users will run the script copy_proprietary_softwares.sh which will unpack these zip files into various directories under meta-rzg2. This is only for the 4.19 BSP. For newer BSPs, the meta-rz-features directory is used.

Changes to Github Break BSP Builds

The Issue:

  • Please be aware that changes to github.com effect older Yocto Recipes.
  • In summary, Yocto recipes that use git:// for the SRC URL will no longer work.
  • More details from Github can be found here.
  • Yocto has been updating the recipes to use https:// instead. For example, see this patch for Dunfell.

The Workaround

  • For building a BSP that contain recipes that still use git://, you use the command below.
  • Since this command uses --global, you only have to run it once on your PC.
$ git config --global url.https://github.com/.insteadOf git://github.com/

SPI Flash Driver for BSP 1.0.6

SPI flash write from Linux is not officially supported in V1.0.6 BSP. If you want SPI write enabled for BSP 1.0.6. Please follow the below steps:

1. Add kernel patches to BSP

1.a) Please get required patch files from https://github.com/seebe/rzg_stuff/tree/master/build_scripts/vlp64_patches/BSP-1.0.6-SPI-write/kernel

$ rzg2_bsp_eva_v106/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-renesas/patches
$ mkdir v1.0.6_spi_patch
$ cd v1.0.6_spi_patch #copy patch files here

1.b) Update patches.scc file:

Yocto uses .scc file to apply patches located in ~/rzg2_bsp_eva_v106/meta-rzg2/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-renesas/patches.scc. Get updated .scc file from https://github.com/seebe/rzg_stuff/tree/master/build_scripts/vlp64_patches/BSP-1.0.6-SPI-write/

$ cd ~/rzg2_bsp_eva_v106/meta-rzg2/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-renesas/
$ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/seebe/rzg_stuff/master/build_scripts/vlp64_patches/BSP-1.0.6-SPI-write/patches.scc

2. Configuring kernel using menuconfig

Configure the kernel to enable Renesas SPI driver and SPI memory. The following commands initialize the BitBake environment, run the do_kernel_configme task, and launch menuconfig. These commands assume the Source Directory's top-level folder is ~/rzg2_bsp_eva_v106:

$ cd rzg2_bsp_eva_v106
$ source poky/oe-init-build-env
$ bitbake linux-renesas -c kernel_configme -f
$ bitbake linux-renesas -c menuconfig

Once menuconfig comes up, configure below kernel configuration parameters.

2.a)Enable Renesa RPC-IF driver:

.config - Linux/arm64 4.19.140 Kernel Configuration
 > Device Drivers > Memory Controller drivers

2.b)Enable SPI memory (M25P80 ):

.config - Linux/arm64 4.19.140 Kernel Configuration
 > Device Drivers > Memory Technology Device (MTD) support > Self-contained MTD device drivers 

After making your changes, simply exit the tool and save your changes to create an updated version of the .config configuration file

3. Build the image using updated BSP