Common RZA IDE issues


RZA Supported Toolchains

Libgen Update for GNU ARM Embedded Toolchains can be installed during the installation of e 2 studio if

selected (an Internet connection is required), or can be downloaded from the web page below:

Cannot Debug RZ Application

Issue: After loading the Application code the debugger is unable to step through the code.

Solution :

  • All Applications that run from the Flash ( Serial Flash, Hyper, or Octa ) requires a bootloader to be loaded prior to loading the Application. The bootloader is responsible for configurating the RZA Flash interface and Flash chip. If the bootloader is not programmed the RZ will not operate correctly.
  • Check that the boot mode switches are set to the correct Flash.
  • Once the application is running press the Restart button ( NOT THE RESET ). This will engage the bootloader so the Flash is in the expected configuration. To automate this open the project Debug Configuration. Under the Debugger -> Connection Settings tab set the Connection -> Reset before Run. NOTE: If the application is running from RAM do not make this settings. By default the IDE turns this setting off.
J-Link Does not Work with IDE

Issue: The IDE GDB cannot find the JLink for hardware debugging.


  • The Segger JLink for the the e2studio is installed with the IDE installation. If the IDE GDB cannot find the Jlink review the e2 studio Integrated Development Environment (User’s Manual: Getting Started Guide). Make sure the optional component Renesas RZ Debug Support is selected during installation.

Create C++Project

The Renesas RZ BSP, Driver, and Demo Application code is written C Code. To support a C++ project, a project needs to be created from scratch. The Following is the suggested method to create a project.

C/C+ Project Setup.
  1. In the Project Explorer right click and select New -> C/C++ Project.
  2. In the Dialog select Renesas RZ then GNU for Renesas RRZ C/C++ Executable Project. Press next.
  3. Provide the name of the project and press next.
  4. In the next dialog set the Language to C++ and select the Toolchain version Set the Target Device for the RZA device ( see figure to the right. ). Press next.
  5. For RZA1 just press finish. For RZA2M enable Smart Configurator then press finish.
  6. For RZA1 skip this step. For RZA2M Projects open the Smart Configurator file (*.cfg) and click the generate code.
  7. Finally compile.


Open the Project Settings -> C/C++ Build -> Settings you will see the Cross ARM C++ Compiler in the settings. The compiler command is the arm-none-eabi--g++.