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RZ/A3UL Evaluation Board Contents

General Information

Package Versions

RZ/V2UL has two parts that support different external memory configurations.

  • QSPI and DDR
  • Octo Flash, Octo RAM, and DDR

Software Packages

The RZA3UL Software packages provide the BSP, Driver Firmware, middleware ( USB, Ethernet, GUI, etc) and RTOS. RZA3UL supports the Amazon FreeRTOS and Microsoft Azure. Both software packages are included in the FSP 2.0 and later.

Software Package Features

Package Package Type RTOS GUI File System USB Network
FreeRTOS FSP, github Amazon FreeRTOS Tes Guiliani *1 FreeRTOS + FAT Renesas USB *2 FreeRTOS Plus TCP
Microsoft Azure FSP, github Threadx GUIX FileX USBX NetX Duo

1* Tes Guiliani is not included in the standard Renesas FSP. The Software can be found on Tes Guiliani Site

2* Renesas USB Supports HID host, MSC host, PCDC

Software Demos

Beside the demos offered in the FSP, Renesas offers the following demos

Microsoft Asure RTOS

Please contact your FAE or Sales Representative for these demos.

Program Name Description
filex_demo_sdmmx_rza3_fsp_1.0 This sample project outputs the status to the console while verifying SD card read/write.
guix_demo_usbx_hhid_mouse_rza3_fsp_1.0 This sample project displays the GUI on the HDMI monitor and can be operated with the USB mouse.
netx_demo_http_server_rza3_fsp_1.0 This sample project works as an HTTP server and responds to HTTP requests from browser
usbx_demo_hcdc_rza3_fsp_1.0 This sample project sends an AT command and displays the response in the log when connect a device that acts as a PCDC
usb_demo_hhid_rza3_fsp_1.0 This sample project detect the USB mouse and output the mouse position information.
usb_demo_hmsc_rza3_fsp_1.0 This sample project create and read/write files to the connected USB memory.
usb_demo_huvc_netx_http_server_rza3_fsp_1.0 Demonstration of the USB Camera Network Streaming Device

RZ/A3UL EVK Example Projects

The RZA3UL Example Projects shows examples of each of the RZ/A3UL Peripherals ( DMAC, USB, CAN, I2S, I2C, ...).

RZ/A3UL EVK Example Project Document

RZ/A3UL EVK Example Project Software

Getting Started

Linux and Windows IDE Installation

RZA3UL Getting Started Document (Link)

Linux FSP Installation

NOTE: The FSP installation section in the Getting Started Document is for Window Host machines. Use the following steps for Linux machines.

Official Linux and Windows FSP Website

  1. Download the zip archive file from the above link
  2. Find the installation directory for the FSP.
    1. Open e2studio IDE.
    2. Select Help and about e2studio in the drop down menu
    3. In the Dialog press the "Installation Details" Button.
    4. In the next dialog there are several tabs at the top of the dialog. Select the "Supported Folders" tab.
    5. Click the link "e2 studio support area"
    6. This will open the linux Nautilus file manager.
  3. Extract the archive file to the e2studio support area folder. This is the directory you found in the prefiious step For example the folder may look be this ~/.eclipse/com.renesas.platform_1458492943.
  4. e2studio Linux

Renesas Flexible Software Package ( FSP )

RZ/A3UL is supported by the Renesas Flexible Software Package. Supported links.

FSP Installation for Linux

1) Download the RZ/A3UL FSP Archive (see above)

2) Extract the FSP to the e2studio installation directory. (i.e. /home/<user>/.local/share/renesas/e2studio)

3) The Extracted file should look like this

└── e2_studio
    β”œβ”€β”€ eclipse
    β”œβ”€β”€ fsp_documentation
    β”œβ”€β”€ internal
    β”‚   β”œβ”€β”€ devassist
    β”‚   └── projectgen
    β”‚       β”œβ”€β”€ ra
    β”‚       β”‚   └── packs
    β”‚       └── rz_fsp
    β”‚           β”œβ”€β”€ rza

Initial Program Loader ( IPL )

IPL is a boot program sample code for RZ/A Series. When the RZ/A MPU is started, the IPL initializes peripheral I/O modules, Flash memory, DDR SDRAM etc., and starts the application software developed in Renesas FSP environment with the execution state of AARch64, Exception Level EL3. IPL consists of functions such as PLL and clock control driver, peripheral I/O module driver, and Serial Flash Memory driver, etc.

Initial Program Loader (IPL) for Renesas RZ/A Series Source Code

JTAG Setup

Supported ICE

Linux Installation

Required Software

Linux packages

sudo apt-get install libncursesw5 libpython2.7

GCC Compiler : GCC ARM A-Profile (AArch64 bare-metal) 10.3.2021.07


  1. Open the Debug Configurations for the project
  2. The project debug configuration is under Renesas GDB Hardware
  3. Select the Debugger Tab for this configuration
  4. In the GDB Settings set the GDB Command to aarch64-none-elf-gdb

HMI and Camera Support

Supported HMI Resolutions

  • RZA3UL + DDR
    • Maximum Resolution 1280 x 720
  • RZA3UL OctoRAM (no DDR)
    • Maximum Resolution VGA


The RZA3UL Tes Guiliani GUI Framework uses Free RTOS and GNU GCC compiler. The RZA3UL GUI project uses the FSP for peripheral configuration However the RZA3UL FSP does not include the TES Guiliani Framework. To start development with GUI Framework please start with the demo posted in the link below.

Official RZA3UL FreeRTOS TES Guiliani Website link

Renesas TES Guiliani Support Page