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Note: weston-ini is located /etc/xdg/weston/weston.ini
To edit the file weston.ini you can use the 'vi' editor that is in the BSP.

Remove toolbar and clock

In weston-ini,


Single color setting of background

In weston-ini,

background-color=0xff000000   <- Black
background-color=0xffff0000   <- Red
background-color=0xff00ff00   <- Green
background-color=0xff0000ff   <- Blue

Top 8 bits are an alpha value. For example, 0x7fxxxxxx is translucent, but 0x00xxxxxx is not transparent and the wallpaper is displayed.

Remove Window Frame

To remove window frame on a Qt app, follow

Changing the Video Mode for Weston

The display configuration is controlled by a file named 'weston.ini' located in the folder /etc/xdg/weston. Currently there is this section in it that sets some specific display timings.
In order to make a display work with the RZ/G2 board, the 'mode' settings need to be change to something that the display supports. In order to find those settings, run the 'cvt' command providing it the desired mode as parameters.
For example, on the RZ/G2E board, the maximum resolution is 1080p at 30Hz. Therefore you would use the command:

cvt 1920 1080 30  

This should give you the proper display timings for running your display at 1080p 30fps and will force that specific mode.

You can also just specify a resolution (without timing).


After modifying the configuration and saving the file, restart the Weston desktop using this command:

systemctl restart weston

Another option is to set mode to "current" which keeps the current video resolution that the system was booted with.


Then then set the resolution on the kernel command line in u-boot by changing the boot args to specify the resolution you want:

=> setenv bootargs 'root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait video=HDMI-A-1:1280x720-32 
=> saveenv

Take a Screenshot

You can take a screenshot on our board by using the utility weston-screenshooter.

  • Modify the file /etc/default/weston and add the line:
  • Restart weston by using the command:
$ systemctl restart weston
  • While your application is running, use the following command:
$ weston-screenshooter
  • After running weston-screenshooter, a .png file will be created in that directory. For example: "wayland-screenshot-2020-09-20_10-47-10.png"

Enable /dev/fb0

The legacy Frame Buffer device interface (/dev/fb0) exists in the system, but when you write to it, nothing will be changed on the LCD when Weston is running. Therefore, if you want to use /dev/fb0, please disable weston.

systemctl stop weston

When you want to use weston again, please run

systemctl start weston