Renesas Tes Guiliaini FAQ

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GSE Compatibility

the GSE is backwards compatible, so it can always load projects from versions 2.0 and later. But this might have limitations when dealing with custom-extensions. These need to be known by the GSE or else it will have problems loading the file. In this case the problem exists in the file MainDlg.xml in the line 19299. You could check the file if the control which should be loaded is a CustomExtension and then check if the customextension is registered in the GSE. To do this just scroll down the Control-Catalog and check if the CustomExtension is available. If the CustomExtension is in the list this problem might have some other reason. You can do another check by activating the setting "skip corrupted data in dialogs..." in the Settings-dialog. This will output more information about the problem when loading the project again. But please be aware that the GSE will now drop controls which can not be loaded resulting in a modified project where these controls have been removed. So it is advised to check this on a copy of the project.

Running the Demo


SR_GuilianiDemo on RZA2M but it throws following error while debugging. Error - "Can't find a source file at "C:/JenkinsSlave/workspace/Renesas/Guiliani_SDK_2.3_Renesas_RZA2M_FreeRTOS10_eGML/Guiliani/Source/Core/GUIResourceFileHandler.cpp" Can't find a source file at "C:/JenkinsSlave/workspace/Renesas/Guiliani_SDK_2.3_Renesas_RZA2M_FreeRTOS10_eGML/Guiliani/Source/Core/GUIResourceFileHandler.cpp"


  1. Check that the bootloader, Resource, and the application are loaded. The bootloader and resource are binaries that require Flashloader batch file. It can be found in .....\Guiliani_SDK_X.x.0_Renesas_RZA2M_FreeRTOS10_eGML\FlashTools
  2. Is SW1 setup for hyperflash? Follow the quick start guide that is part of the download.