RZ/V2M Evaluation Board Kit by Renesas

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General Information

  • Official RZ/V2M Website
    • Please review the Documentation & Downloads section
  • Board Documentation
    • The RZ/V2M BSP, ISP, and DRP-AI can be evaluated on the RZV2M Evaluation Kit pictured right.

Getting Started

1. Software BSP Components

  • Linux BSP package: Obtain the 'rzv2m_bsp_eva_v110.tar.gz' tar file. This is located the RZV2M Linux Package downloaded zip file r01an5971ej0110-rzv2m-linux.zip downloaded from the Renesas RZV2M site. The tar file is in the 'bsp' sub folder of the extracted zip file.
  • ISP Support package: Obtain the 'rzv2m_isp_support-pkg_v110.tar.gz' file from the RZV2M ISP Support Package file 'r01an5978ej0110-rzv2m_isp-support.zip' downloaded from the Renesas RZV2M site.
  • DRP-AI Support package: Obtain the DRP AI driver 'rzv2m_meta-drpai_ver5.00.tar.gz' and DRP Application 'rzv2m_meta-drpai_ver5.00.tar.gz'. These are packaged in the RZV2M DRP-AI Support Package file 'r11an0530ej0500-rzv2m-drpai-sp.zip', downloaded from the Renesas RZV2M site. Once the zip file is extracted the driver is located in the rzv2m_drpai-driver sub-directory. The DRP Application software is located in the rzv2m_drpai-sample-application directory.

2. Build Environment

  • To build the BSP, you will need a Linux environment running Ubuntu 16.04.
  • A docker file is available at the Renesas RZ Software Github here
  • VM is not recommended.

3. Build the BSP

  • The complete set of BSP Components need to be combined into the same directory.
  • Detailed instructions for setup and building are located in the components release notes ( RZV2M Linux Package, RZV2M ISP Support Package, and RZV2M DRP-AI Support Package).
    • NOTE: RZV2M ISP Support Package release note is not included in the archieve file but is a seperate download on the Renesas RZV2M website.
  • A summary of the instructions located in the Release Notes are below. Simply Copy/Paste the commands
Simple build instructions for BSP v1.10        

These instructions are a summary of what is explained in the package Release Notes.

# Create Working Build directory
mkdir ./rzv2m_bsp_v110

# Extract the rzv2m bsp to the working directory
tar -xvf rzv2m_bsp_eva_v110.tar.gz -C ./rzv2m_bsp_v110

# Extract the rzv2m DRP-AI bsp to the working directory
tar -xvf rzv2m_meta-drpai_ver5.00.tar.gz -C ./rzv2m_bsp_v110

# Extract the RZV2M ISP to the working directory
tar -xvf rzv2m_isp_support-pkg_v110.tar.gz -C ./rzv2m_bsp_v110

cd rzv2m_bsp_v110

# Initialize Yocto build environment
source poky/oe-init-build-env

# Apply RZV2M build configuation files
cp ../meta-rzv2m/docs/sample/conf/rzv2m/linaro-gcc/*.conf ./conf/

# Apply DRP-AI Patch
patch -p2 < ../rzv2m-drpai-conf.patch

# Apply ISP Patch
patch -p2 < ../rzv2m-isp-conf.patch

# Start Yocto Build
bitbake core-image-bsp
bitbake core-image-bsp -C populate_sdk

4. Prepare an SD Card

  • The evaluation boards can be booted from SD Cards. The SD card must be formatted and loaded using a Linux PC. A helpful script has been created (usb_sd_partition) that you can run on your Linux PC.
  • Insert your micro SD card into a USB-SD-Card reader and then plug into a Linux PC.
  • Use the commands below to download the formatting script and run. Please select your card and choose the default settings.
$ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/renesas-rz/rzg2_bsp_scripts/master/usb_sd_partition/usb_sd_partition.sh
$ chmod +x usb_sd_partition.sh
$ ./usb_sd_partition.sh
  • Use the commands below to copy the files you build with the BSP to the SD card. Start in the base of your Yocto BSP.
# Change to the Yocto output directory that contains the files
$ cd build/tmp/deploy/images/rzv2m

# Copy the Linux kernel and Device Tree to partition 1
$ sudo cp -v Image /media/$USER/RZ_FAT
$ sudo cp -v r9a09g011gbg-evaluation-board.dtb /media/$USER/RZ_FAT

# Copy and expand the Root File System to partition 2
$ sudo tar -xvf core-image-bsp-rzv2m.tar.gz   -C /media/$USER/RZ_ext

# Make sure all files are finished writing before removing the USB card reader from the PC
$ sync
  • Safely remove your USB card reader by right clicking on the drive icon (either RZ_FAT or RZ_ext) in Ubuntu and selecting "Eject"

5. Power the Board and Connect to the Serial Port

6. Switch settings for the CPU SOM board.

Programming Boot Loaders into SPI Flash

  • The RZ/V2M board comes pre-programmed with the boot loaders in SPI Flash, however we recommend updating the boot loaders
  • The RZ/V2M BSP Package ZIP archive includes the r01us0527ej0110-rzv2m-linux-startup-guide.pdf. Use the instructions in this manual to load the boot loaders.