RZ/V2M Evaluation Board Kit by Renesas

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General Information

  • Official RZ/V2M Website
    • Please review the Documentation & Downloads section
  • Board Documentation
    • The RZ/V2M BSP, ISP, and DRP-AI can be evaluated on the RZV2M Evaluation Kit pictured right.

Getting Started

1. Software BSP Components

  • Linux BSP package: Obtain the 'rzv2m_bsp_eva_v110.tar.gz' tar file. This is located the RZV2M Linux Package downloaded zip file r01an5971ej0110-rzv2m-linux.zip downloaded from the Renesas RZV2M site. The tar file is in the 'bsp' sub folder of the extracted zip file.
  • ISP Support package: Obtain the 'rzv2m_isp_support-pkg_v110.tar.gz' file from the RZV2M ISP Support Package file 'r01an5978ej0110-rzv2m_isp-support.zip' downloaded from the Renesas RZV2M site.
  • DRP-AI Support package: Obtain the DRP AI driver 'rzv2m_meta-drpai_ver5.00.tar.gz' and DRP Application 'rzv2m_meta-drpai_ver5.00.tar.gz'. These are packaged in the RZV2M DRP-AI Support Package file 'r11an0530ej0500-rzv2m-drpai-sp.zip', downloaded from the Renesas RZV2M site. Once the zip file is extracted the driver is located in the rzv2m_drpai-driver sub-directory. The DRP Application software is located in the rzv2m_drpai-sample-application directory.

2. Build Environment

  • To build the BSP, you will need a Linux environment running Ubuntu 18.04.
  • A docker file is available at the Renesas RZ Software Github here
  • VM is not recommended.

3. Build the BSP

  • The complete set of BSP Components need to be combined into the same directory.
  • Detailed instructions for setup and building are located in the components release notes ( RZV2M Linux Package, RZV2M ISP Support Package, and RZV2M DRP-AI Support Package).
    • NOTE: RZV2M ISP Support Package release note is not included in the archive file but is a separate download on the Renesas RZV2M website.

4. Prepare an SD Card

  • The evaluation boards can be booted from SD Cards. The SD card must be formatted and loaded using a Linux PC. A helpful script has been created (usb_sd_partition) that you can run on your Linux PC.
  • Insert your micro SD card into a USB-SD-Card reader and then plug into a Linux PC.
  • Use the commands below to download the formatting script and run. Please select your card and choose the default settings.
$ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/renesas-rz/rzg2_bsp_scripts/master/usb_sd_partition/usb_sd_partition.sh
$ chmod +x usb_sd_partition.sh
$ ./usb_sd_partition.sh
  • Use the commands below to copy the files you build with the BSP to the SD card. Start in the base of your Yocto BSP.
# Change to the Yocto output directory that contains the files
$ cd build/tmp/deploy/images/rzv2m

# Copy the Linux kernel and Device Tree to partition 1
$ sudo cp -v Image /media/$USER/RZ_FAT
$ sudo cp -v r9a09g011gbg-evaluation-board.dtb /media/$USER/RZ_FAT

# Copy and expand the Root File System to partition 2
$ sudo tar -xvf core-image-bsp-rzv2m.tar.gz   -C /media/$USER/RZ_ext

# Make sure all files are finished writing before removing the USB card reader from the PC
$ sync
  • Safely remove your USB card reader by right clicking on the drive icon (either RZ_FAT or RZ_ext) in Ubuntu and selecting "Eject"

5. Power the Board and Connect to the Serial Port

6. Switch settings for the CPU SOM board.

Yocto Support

The RZV2M follows the Yocto standard for building the bsp, linux drivers and adding packages with one exception. The RZV2M MIPI Camera And ISP are proprietary software that are not part of the standard Linux bsp. It is software that runs on a separate CPU on a RTOS environment that communicates with CPU running Linux through hardware IPC. Because of this Linux packages that require a Linux driver for the MIPI-Camera and/or ISP will not work ( i.e. GStreamer, FFMPEG, etc.). Renesas does provide C Programs Examples to interface to the MIPI camera and isp.

Sample and Demo Code

Programming Boot Loaders into SPI Flash

  • The RZ/V2M board comes pre-programmed with the boot loaders in SPI Flash, however we recommend updating the boot loaders
  • The RZ/V2M BSP Package ZIP archive includes the r01us0527ej0110-rzv2m-linux-startup-guide.pdf. Use the instructions in this manual to load the boot loaders.