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Linux 5.10 BSP for all RZ/Five Devices

RZ/Five BSP v0.8 RZ/Five BSP v1.0 RZ/Five BSP V1.0-update1 RZ/Five VLP3.0.2 RZ/Five VLP3.0.2-update1
📦 RZ/Five Linux Package (Common for all MPU)
ZIP file containing Yocto BSP and all documentation
  • Yocto Recipe
    This is the actual BSP provided in a Yocto build package
  • Release Note for Linux Package
    Build instructions, start with this document
  • Reference Boards Linux Start-up Guide
    How to program the boot loaders into SPI flash
  • BSP Component list
    List of each package and version included in the default BSP build
💾 Download Page Download Page (link) (removed from website) Download Page
BSP Manual SetDetailed information about Device Drivers and Device Tree Settings RZ/G2L,RZ/V2L,RZ/Five(link)

Writing Bootloader

In Current BSP0.8 Start-up Guide, there is a mistake in Table4. Address for each file, please use below table

File name Address to load to RAM Address to save to ROM
spl-smarc-rzfive.srec 0001_1E00 00000
fit-smarc-rzfive.srec 0000_0000 20000