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DRP-AI Reserved Memory

The DRP-AI Reserved memory is required for AI Inference processing. The memory areas is where the AI model binary,  weights, bias, parameters, activations, and configuration files are located.

DRP V5.00 to v7.00

The latest version of the DRP library moved the reserved memory start address. Due to this change DRP-AI Applications that worked on DRP version 5.00 ( BSP v1.00 ) will result in errors with the latest DRP-AI drivers.

To resolve the issue regenerate the DRP-AI models using the DRP-Translator. First modify the Address YAML configuration file to point to the new reserved memory.

DRP-AI Translator Address Map YAML

The configuration file only requires the two modifications

Step 1) Use the following template below

  name: "ALL"
  addr: 0x80000000
        - { name: "data_in"}
        - { name: "data"}
        - { name: "data_out"}
        - { name: "work"}
        - { name: "weight"}
        - { name: "drp_config"}
        - { name: "drp_param"}
        - { name: "desc_aimac"}
        - { name: "desc_drp"}

Step 2) Only the Address to the DRP-AI Reserved Memory needs to be set. For RZV2L this would be

addr: 0x70000000

Step 3) After the DRP-AI Translator is run a new address yaml and text files is generated. Below is an example generated ymal for TinyYoloV2..

  name: ALL
  addr: 0x7000_0000
  size:  0x30f_68c0
    - { name: data_in,          addr: 0x7000_0000, size:    0x9_6000 }
    - { name: data,             addr: 0x7009_6000, size:  0x103_9c16 }
    - { name: data_out,         addr: 0x710c_fc40, size:    0x1_4a14 }
    - { name: work,             addr: 0x710e_4680, size:      0xd000 }
    - { name: weight,           addr: 0x710f_1680, size:  0x1e4_280c }
    - { name: drp_config,       addr: 0x72f3_3ec0, size:   0x1a_6280 }
    - { name: drp_param,        addr: 0x730d_a140, size:       0x270 }
    - { name: desc_aimac,       addr: 0x730d_a3c0, size:    0x1_c1e0 }
    - { name: desc_drp,         addr: 0x730f_65c0, size:       0x300 }

DRP-AI Translator Pre/Post Processing YAML

The section we explain the required fields that are needed for pre/post yaml file.

For detailed information on the YAML files please refer to the DR--AI Translator Manual.

DRP-AI Implementation Guide

Renesas Provides Implementation Guides for Renesas Implemented AI Models can be found here. These guides show how to convert pyTorch AI model to ONNX  Format, Use the DRP-AI Translator, and finally Execute the DRP-AI translated mode on the target board.

Implementation Guide Overview

DRP-AI Translation Guide

This section describe the translation procedure for the following AI algorithms that are not fully supported on the DRP-AI Translator. For the list of supported AI operation please refer to the DRP-AI Translator User Manual section 4.1.1 ONNX Operators.

DRP-AI Translator Version Support

AI Translator Versions