RZ/V Series 64-bit MPU

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Online Information


Here is the list of available Renesas Evaluation Boards.

⭐ These pages contain instructions for the BSP and other useful information.

RZ/V2 Series Evaluation Boards

Support Pages
RZV2L Smarc evaluation board

by Renesas
RZ/V2MA Evaluation Kit

by Renesas
RZ/V2M Evaluation Kit

by Renesas


RZ/V Specific
🛠️ DRP-AI Translator 🧠 DRP-AI Demos 🎥 Demo Videos
📸 RZV ISP 🧠 Renesas Apache TVM
Shared with RZ/G
📷 Camera 🎨 Graphics
(Qt, video encode/decode)
🖼️ Wayland/Weston
(Helpful hints about running Weston with RZ)
🐧 Kernel
(Dynamic Power, drivers, peripherals, etc..)
🔑 ARM Trusted Firmware 🥾 u-boot
🌳 Device Tree 🐛 Debugging 🚧 RZ Linux BSP Porting
(Hints on porting to a new board)
♻️ BSP Kernel Update
(Instructions to update your kernel)