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This page is about the Renesas Low Power Wi-Fi devices. The main goal is to make the information about Low Power Wi-Fi SoC friendly, easy to access for embedded developers. This page will display information per topic, and detailed information can be found in the Renesas website.


Here is the list of available Renesas Evaluation Boards.





Getting Started Guides

Each of the boards has a getting started guide available. The purpose of the guides is to help users get a board up and running in as short as possible time. It explains how to connect the hardware and install the required SW packages.

Getting Started DA16200 EVK

Getting Started DA16200 EVK Pro

Getting Started DA16600 EVK

Getting Started DA16600 EVK Pro

Getting Started DA16200 PMOD

Getting Started DA16600 PMOD

Software Download

Each of the Wi-Fi products comes with a Software Development Kit. This can be downloaded from the Renesas website after accepting a license agreement.

SDK for DA16200 and DA16600

SDK Image for DA16200 and DA16600

Software Development

These guides explain the steps you need to take for developing and programming your applications for DA16200 and DA16600 module.

DA16200 DA16600 FreeRTOS SDK Programmer Guide

DA16200 DA16600 DPM User Manual

DA16200 DA16600 AT Commands

Board Designs

The hardware design of battery supplied wireless products requires extra attention. Each of the products has a hardware guideline document that explains what needs to be considered when designing schematic and layout of a product. Some products have schematics and layout examples available for download.

Hardware Design Guide for DA16200, DA16200MOD, and DA16600

Mass Production Guide for DA16200, DA16200MOD, and DA16600


The respective Getting Started Guides explain which tools need to be installed for each device. This section summarizes on the tools and list a couple of additional tools that are available.

Renesas e2studio

J-Link Debug Probe

Multi-downloader Tool


Renesas Mobile Applications

Renesas Wi-Fi Provisioning: this mobile application works with Development kits based on Renesas's DA16200 and DA16600 Wi-Fi System on Chip.



Reference Applications

Matter: Matter is a new unified IP protocol to connect smart devices securely and robustly, regardless of brand, across all smart home ecosystems.

Easily and securely build connected products and solutions with Cloud platforms:

AWS IoT SDK and Getting Started Guide with AWS IoT Guide

Azure IoT SDK and Getting Started Guide with Azure IoT Guide

Renesas Support

Technical support discussions about Renesas Wi-Fi products, hardware, software can be found in the Renesas Engineering Community. You can also ask your question or report anything concerning this Wiki.