Bluetooth Low Energy

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Welcome to the Renesas Bluetooth® Low Energy MCU Wiki


This page is about the Renesas Bluetooth®® Low Energy devices. These are a set of Low Cost, Low Power SoC’s and Modules. The main goal of this page is to make the on-line information better accessible for HW and SW developers.

The website lists information per product; on this page we will present information per topic. We will go through a typical design cycle from Board availability, Getting Started guides till production line testing.


For each of the Bluetooth® Low Energy products Renesas has 2 types of boards available:

  • Pro devkit: This development kit consist of a Motherboard/Daughterboard and includes the Power Profiling module
  • USB devkit: Small formfactor development. Target device is directly soldered on the board and has no Power Profiling module

Devices with the same Motherboard are grouped together.




DA14531 Module



Getting started guides

Each of the boards has a getting started guide available. The purpose of such a guide is to help users get a board up and running in as short as possible time. It will explain how to connect the hardware, Install the required SW packages, Compile a first Blinky code and Flash it into the target device.

Board design

The hardware design of battery supplied wireless products requires extra attention. Each of the products has a hardware guidelines document that explains what needs to be considered when designing schematic and layout of a product. Some products have schematics and layout examples available for download. Antenna design is generic for all BLE products. Different antenna topologies are explained in a dedicated document together with design files.


The respective Getting Started Guides explain which tools need to be installed for each device family. This section will summarize on the tools and list a couple of additional tools that are available.


DA145x (DA14531/531-01/530 and DA14585/DA14586)

Software Downloads

Each of the BLE products comes with a Software Development Kit. This can be downloaded from the Renesas website after accepting a license agreement. Next to the Bluetooth stack and a few utilities, the SDK includes several application layer SW examples.

SDK6 for DA14585/DA14586

SDK10 for DA14691/DA14695

In addition to the SDK zip file developers can also make use of SW examples on Github. These examples demonstrate for instance the use of the low level drivers and also more complex Bluetooth use cases. There SW examples are created in a modular approach such that users can test and re-use them in their target application.

Other Software downloads